Koinoina Kids & Youth Ministry

We love our Koinonia Kids, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that they have a safe and healthy learning environment. This Safety & Prevention course is designed to ensure that all our volunteers are equipped to keep our kids safe, and trained to take timely and appropriate action in the event of an occurrence. 

If you want to serve with kids or youth under the age of 18, watch this training video and complete the form below. Once submitted, our team will review it, and you will be contacted.

Thanks for being a part of our Koinonia volunteer team!

The information in this video is a Safety & Prevention Policy to ensure that children and youth under the age of eighteen that are involved in any KCF or KCA programs will have a safe and healthy learning environment. This Safety & Prevention Training Course is a requirement for all staff and volunteers who serve in any capacity in our organization with kids/youth or who have responsibilities that affect them. We believe that this policy will reduce the risk of injury or abuse to our children and will ensure timely and appropriate intervention in the event of an occurrence.

Safety & Prevention Policy Agreement for Volunteers

The vision of the Safety & Prevention Policy is to create a safe environment for infants, children and youth to worship and be taught the Word of God. As we all work together to follow this policy, we will be reducing the risk of injury or harm to our children. Please read through the following statements, and once the form is signed, please return it to the Head of the Department you are serving with.

  • I understand that, without exception, the policies apply to all adults and youth working either directly or indirectly with the children between the ages of 0-18 years in all areas of ministry for KCF, byDesign and KCA.

  • I will be submitted to the screening process as is required to fulfil my position, which will vary depending on responsibilities, for example:

    • formal application

    • Safety and Prevention video & notes

    • personal interview

    • reference checks x2

    • a minimum of 6 months regular attendance at Koinonia Christian Fellowship

  • I need to have a police record check (obtained by staff at KCF)

  • I understand that no person with a criminal record guilty of child abuse is permitted to work with children under the age of 18

  • I understand that there are certain qualifications that must be met before I may serve in an area, for example:

    • Heart of the House completed

    • participated in a Heart of the House interview

    • be in agreement with KCF Statement of Faith

    • complete all steps in the screening process for specified area of ministry

    • receive acceptance for ministry from the Child Safety and Prevention Team (see below)

  • I will adhere to follow the Visibility Rule, which states

    • all activities are to be conducted in open areas or rooms with windows

    • under no circumstances is a child to be alone with an adult or worker in a closed room

    • where the room does not contain a window, the door shall be left open

  • I will abide by the 2 Person Rule, which states ‘a minimum of 2 people are to be present during all gatherings, events, and meetings’.

  • I understand that for the child’s protection, children are to remain in the care of the assigned worker(s) until they are released to their parent/legal guardian

  • I understand that for the child’s protection, children are only to be released to a properly identified, pre-authorized person

  • I understand that I must refrain from using social media to communicate confidential or sensitive information and will not post any images or videos of children or youth. I will also refrain from sending private personal messages to children or youth

  • I understand that I must report any and all incidents where I have reasonable grounds to suspect or have been given the knowledge of any physical abuse or neglect, psychological abuse or neglect, and sexual abuse or exploitation

  • I understand that I must not strive to attain this information, but am responsible for the information once it is disclosed to me, and must immediately inform a member of the Child Safety and Prevention Team and complete an Incident Report.

    • Senior Pastor

    • Senior Pastoral Team

    • Koinonia Kids Director

    • KiDZONE Director/Youth Pastor

    • KCA Principal

    • byDesign Director

  • I understand that abuse and/or neglect for the safety and well-being of the children placed in the care of Koinonia Christian Fellowship will not be tolerated

  • I understand that anyone in violation of the Safety and Prevention policy will not be permitted to serve in an area of ministry with children under the age of 18

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Thanks for completing our Safety & Prevention Training course!